Online course on Introduction to Internet Governance

The Internet Governance Series is a self paced, free online course, organized into pillars/issues based topics. The learner can pick and chose their  specific topic of interest. The Internet Ecosystem is onerous and covers a wide range of topics from economic opportunities to cybersecurity, from open access and freedom of speech to net neutrality, all with its own dialogue and debates.  This course will covers the range of topics as an introduction to the overall issues. Our aim is to provide a birds-eye view of the Internet Ecosystem so that  learners can pick and choice the topic of specific  interest for them, giving the learner the option to do a deep dive into their preferred topics of interest or gloss over the topics.

The material is organized starting with the technical and Infrastructure sections  providing the nuts and bolts on how the Internet works. The  sections on economic, development, social and cultural,  and legal provide the perspective  from the various disciplines providing their specific interest as to how the Internet operates.  The final section is focuses on the key actors starting with Civil Society and  ICANN who provide different roles and responsibilities to the smooth operation of the Internet.  The various Appendices  are valuable resources for ongoing learning  include glossaries, ICANN terms, slideshow, bibliographies and more.

It’s important to note that the resource will continue to add more content and information to suit the needs of the community.

ICANN Ebook Shelf

We created a visual storytelling experience to spotlight Harmless Harvest’s ground-breaking ecosystem based business.

Internet Governance Introduction

The seventh edition of An Introduction to Internet Governance by Dr Jovan Kurbalija provides an update based on the most recent dynamic period in the history of Internet governance. It was officially launched at the 11th IGF in Mexico in December 2016, and Spanish translation is also available

Diplo Foundation

Diplo Foundation: Texts and Articles ( List of texts and articles )

Internet of Things

Learning about the Internet of Things. The US government report prepared for Congress

Shaping the Internet - History and Futures

How is the Internet governed? Who are the different actors and stakeholders in Internet governance? How did this system emerge and where is it going in the future? By taking this course, you can develop a strong understanding of Internet governance and the ecosystem of organizations and issues that are shaping the future of the Internet.

Internet Governance - Why the Multistakeholder Approach Works

Internet governance refers to the processes that impact how the Internet is managed. As policy makers and technical experts work to connect the remaining two-thirds of the world’s nations, the WAY in which the Internet is governed will likely have an impact on how we use it and how it evolves.