Inye Kemabonta

/ Faculty

Inye Kemabonta is currently the regional representative for AfICTA in Internet Governance. He is an Information Technology Attorney, Consultant, Public Speaker and Trainer. Over the last two decades he worked in both the Legislative and Executive Arms of Government during which he chaired and served on several developmental initiatives in the Nigeria ICT industry, including the Federal Government program on ICT innovation and entrepreneurship in 2012. He helped to develop several policies and regulations, among which is the Local Content Initiative in ICT, which have shaped the Nigerian ICT industry. He has worked on several pieces of legislation for the Nigerian government, such as the Cybercrime Bill, Electronic Transaction Bill, Public Key Infrastructure Regulation, Data Protection Bill, and the NITDA Act of 2007. He has represented the Nigerian government at several international technology events, including ICANN. His pioneering work, along with other professionals, in the ICT space for the Nigerian government helped in the establishment of the Nigerian National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), the Nigerian Internet Registration Association (NiRA) and several industry platforms in ICT. Kemabonta was the Director of Standards and Regulation in NITDA until 2014. He was also the pioneer National Coordinator of the Office for Nigerian Content in ICT during which he set up and implemented the legal and institutional framework for the development of an indigenous ecosystem in ICT