Raymond Onuoha

/ Faculty

As an ICT Research Fellow at the Lagos Business School (LBS) in Nigeria, my research focuses on the institutional and policy challenges in the evolution of the internet economy and technology innovation in developing countries, with a special focus on sub-Sahara Africa. Working as a Research Consultant with regional ICT policy and regulation think-tank for the Global South – Research ICT Africa (RIA), I have been conducting multidisciplinary research on internet governance, policy and regulation and the facilitation of evidence-base to inform policy making for improved access, use and application of digital technologies for social and economic development in Africa. Some of the policy research projects carried out in this capacity includes the IDRC-funded Broadband for Africa Project (2017) with a focus on ensuring economic and social inclusion via ubiquitous broadband delivery for Africa’s underserved and unserved regions using private-public collaboration mechanisms (PPCs) and reassessment of the Quality of Service (QoS) frameworks; RANITP cloud adoption policy report (2018) for the Microsoft Foundation (2018) with a focus on modernising Africa’s public sector through the Cloud; and the RANITP Artificial Intelligence in Africa Project (2019) with the focus on regional harmonization of data protection and privacy policy frameworks in Africa.