Caleb Ogundele

/ Faculty / Organiser

Caleb Ogundele is an ICANN, AFRINIC, AFRISIG and ISOC  Fellow. His involvement in Supporting Organisation with ICANN includes the AtLARGE, AFRALO, NCSG,  NCUC , and NPOC . He currently volunteer his time inNPOC   where he  currently serves as the communications chair.

A former team lead of the Information Technology Unit for the University of Ibadan, Distance Learning Centre and currently a Project Manager at the African Academic Network on Internet Policy hosted by the Ibadan School of Government and Public Policy which is focused on Academic Research, Development and Public Policy Interventions.

He  serves his local internet community in different fora and capacity building which include but not limited to the ISOC Nigerian Chapter, Nigerian Network Operating Group (NgNOG) and African Network Operating Group (AFNOG) communities where he participate and volunteer as a Web Technologies Instructor in the AFNOG tutorial sessions.

Caleb is currently the Programme Chair of the ISOC Nigerian Chapter and he possesses a number of industry/professional certifications as well as two Masters degree in Computer Systems and Information Science both from the Premier University of Ibadan. He is currently Ph.D candidate with focus on Internet measurements with an intersection on QoS.

Caleb‘s participation in different fora within the internet space has seen his researched contribution on internet governance policy issues ranging from data privacy, Geo Politics of Internet Governance, Community Networks and sustainable access, Cyber Security, digital rights, media literacy and Emerging Technologies.